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Don't take our word for it.

Hear what prominent industry veterans have to say about working with Griffin Gaming Partners.

Josh Williams

CEO & Co-founder Forte

“Griffin has been our trusted partner, supporting our shared vision around blockchain’s potential for the future of gaming. Their extensive network has led to transformative commercial partnerships and key executive hires for us. They work as hard on their portfolio company’s behalf as any investors in the business.”

"As repeat entrepreneurs we didn't just want just capital for Spyke Games, we wanted best experience and connections in the industry" said Rina Onur Sirinoglu, CEO of Spyke Games. "Griffin understands our business and knows everyone in gaming. They understand what we need and why, and open doors in days that would take us months."

Rina Onur Sirinoglu

CEO Spyke Games

Felicia Day

Griffin Fund advisor, actor, producer and best-selling author

“We’re at a turning point in gaming, with characters and storylines starting to make a huge splash in mainstream Hollywood,” said Felicia Day, Griffin Fund and portfolio company advisor, actor, producer and best-selling author. “Because of Griffin’s investment in gaming companies, new stories will be created that will benefit every aspect of the entertainment space.”

“The perspectives and advice provided by Griffin have been incredibly valuable to us, helping us navigate through rapidly evolving market conditions in our industry. The team has uniquely supported our growth by activating key commercial relationships and helped us bring on pivotal strategic investors through their network.”

Uri Marchand

CEO & Co-Founder Overwolf

Sarah Bond

Corporate VP of Gaming Ecosystem of Microsoft

“The Griffin team has a unique vision for where our industry is headed. I trust their judgment, and ability to add real value. For the builders out there, would absolutely recommend including them in your conversations."

"I have known the founders of Griffin for a long while and have worked with them in a variety of different capacities. They are very much part of the game industry. They understand the people and the culture of the industry and bring strong transactional and operational experience. They are well-regarded and have far reaching connections within the industry."

John Riccitiello

CEO of Unity

Donald Mustard

Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games

"Working with Peter on bringing the worlds of John Wick and Fortnite together was such an incredible experience. We had so much fun, and the love we have for these worlds really shined through, and fans really loved it. He and his team understand that gaming and other media can tell exciting, immersive stories when used together in authentic ways. I can't wait to collaborate with Peter and his team at Griffin in the future."

"I am grateful for the support I’ve received from the Griffin team throughout my career across finance and video games. I’ve worked with Phil for the past 15 years, first as a fellow VC in games, and more recently as a lead investor and board member for Phoenix Labs. He was an invaluable supporter, and a true believer in our mission and team. He was instrumental in helping us navigate fundraising and strategic discussion. Nick was our advisor throughout our M&A process and was a pillar of support and wisdom as we navigated the process. They’ve built a unique team that I look forward to supporting and working with again."

Sean Bender

Co-founder of Phoenix Labs

Aaron 'Noxy' Donaghey

CEO Hypixel Studios Inc.

"Signing up with Peter Levin and GGP was like having the coach in your corner that you didn’t know you needed . Not only was Peter amicable and deeply knowledgeable in the field, he was also the first to pick up the phone, be the megaphone to celebrate the good times, the one who had the most time to talk through a problem space. After our exit I very much hope to work with Peter again at some point in the future. I’d recommend signing up with him in a half heartbeat."

"In the general partners, the company has the VC experience of Sanderson, the operating and entrepreneurial background of Levin, and the strategic market and deal flow insight of Tuosto. Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe referred to them as the “dream team of game venture capital.”"

- Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat, Monday, November 7, 2020

Chris DeWolfe

CEO of Jam City

Austin Woolridge

CEO & Co-founder Players' Lounge

"Griffin Gaming Partners is a fund that you can be completely honest with, whether speaking on metrics, roadmap, or exit strategy, and that is a luxury in this day and age. Their overall knowledge of the gaming space is second to none and will be integral to our growth. Very excited to be working with GGP."

“Due to Griffin’s expertise in gaming, they were able to recognize the virtues of our business immediately and remove all the friction in our fundraising. Their ability to anticipate market developments, coupled with their candid and actionable feedback, make us deeply excited about the future of our partnership... Their ability to help us go after choice intellectual properties for a platform like ours is unique in the industry when the worlds of gaming and other forms of media are colliding."

Saumya Singh Rathore

Co-Founder, WinZO